Frequently Asked Questions


Does the thermostat have a battery backup?

No, the thermostat does not have battery backup. The settings will save in the thermostat. When the power goes out, the programmed schedule is not lost. The time will reset when the thermostat is reconnected to internet.


Do I have to know my network password to connect my thermostat to Wi-Fi?

No. You may connect your thermostat to the wireless router using the WPS on the router. You must have access to the router to connect without the password.


What systems will the thermostat work with?

The thermostat is compatible with air conditioning, heat pumps, gas/oil, and electric heat systems.


Is it easy to program?

Programming the thermostat is easy. Using the configuration screens on the thermostat you may select the correct heating system, calibrate the thermostat to the room temperature, and more with the touch sensing icons. Only the icons that you are able to use are lit to make the process even easier. You can program a schedule using the thermostat, smartphone, tablet, or PC.


Is there an override feature?

Yes, when the thermostat is in a programmed schedule you may change the temperature as long as the thermostat is not locked. You can set different functions with lockout include changing the temperature a set amount of degrees, during sleep mode, or to the highest heat to temperature set or lowest cool to temperature set.


What kind of day program are available?

You may program your thermostat for 7 day, Weekday-Weekend, and single day.


Is there multiple settings for 24 hour period?

The thermostat is programmed with 4 periods: WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN, and SLEEP. You set start time for each period and the heat to and cool to temperatures through the schedule menu on the thermostat, app, or on the website.

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